Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

After my years in healthcare, I realized people were slipping through the cracks.  Maybe it was someone who does not have a computer or smartphone or can't get their groceries and pharmacy pickups because they are a caretaker or are not as mobile as they once were and can use an extra set of hands.

I have had clients that were very busy and used my services to pick up necessities to take to assisted living and facilities for their loved ones.  One job even involved trapping a stray cat! 

One of my most rewarding was taking a lady to her radiation appointments.

I have been hired to wrap presents and be a personal shopper for special occasions and holidays such as Christmas.  Think of it as shopping local but with the convenience of ordering online!  Give me your list, and I will make it happen. 

Helping others organize their homes, rooms, and kitchens is a very popular service I offer.  Helping seniors and others downsize and organize years of their life are so rewarding for me.

The possibilities are endless. Give me a call if you run out of hands and need a little help.

Running Errands

Personal Shopper

Pharmacy Pickup

Dry-Cleaning Pickup/Delivery

Holiday & Gift Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Pet Walking/Sitting

On-site Photographer

and MORE!

From December 2015 through July 2016, my mother needed care. Mom broke her hip and subsequently fractured her spine. Lisa helped us many times. Once the surgeries and rehab were over, Lisa helped locate a residence, and she knew an excellent 24-hour sitter service that was extremely important. Lisa would frequently unexpectedly drop in and check on Mom. This was extremely helpful because I had a full-time job out of town. It was also very valuable that she purchased supplies my mom needed. Lisa is knowledgeable and well-respected in the medical community and has many good contacts. I trusted Lisa, which was the first reason I reached out to her, and I’m thankful I did. I highly recommend Lisa Adkins as a personal assistant."

Roy Watson

My mother was hospitalized in 2019, battling a cancer diagnosis. She fought through it and was released to a rehab center. We knew she would not be able to return to her home, and this is when we were advised of Lisa’s services. A family friend recommended Lisa to help with mom as we transitioned her to an assisted living facility. Lisa met with mom, and the two immediately became friends. Lisa has become much more than just someone who assists mom from time to time. She has become a confidant and advocate for Mom’s well-being. Lisa has scheduled mom’s appointments and made sure the facilities could help since mom is in a wheelchair. Lisa’s personal shopping for my mom's supplies has been very valuable to me. We really appreciate her dedication to our mother, and we highly recommend Lisa to anyone needing assistance with loved ones."

Mark J. DeLassus

I was very thankful for Lisa Adkins's personal assistant business when my brother became ill. There were a lot of services that she provided that helped my family greatly during this time. One of the reasons I selected her in the beginning is because I trust her. She has a rich history in the healthcare field. She was very valuable in getting supplies and things he needed. Another service that was so important is that after someone is hospitalized and in rehab, there are a lot of explanations of benefits and insurance paperwork that has to be followed up with. She sat down and went over all of those with him and got everything in order and organized. She helped organize his pantry, make sure he had food, and did some transportation to rehab because we could provide our own vehicle. I highly recommend Lisa Adkins's personal assistant if you or your family are in need of someone to help you. We trust Lisa, and we’re thankful for her business.

Johnnie Lou Getz

“Excellent personal assistant...highly recommended. Lisa helped me with some of my personal business needs. She was very dependable. ATTENTION SOCIAL WORKERS !! You all have a client that could use a personal assistant. Lisa is your person !

Robin Teague